Ylbere Bylykbashi, P. 25, Shk. 2, Ap. 4, Tirana, Albania
+355 (0) 42 265 953

Roma Active Albania

Roma Active Albania (RAA) was established in April 2006, to contribute in the empowerment and mobilization of Roma, in order to bring them together in a Roma grassroots movement that can change the position of Roma and fight against exclusionary mechanisms.

It lobbies and advocates on Roma issues at local, national and international level. RAA is specialized in addressing issues, conducting analysis and developing new methods and strategies to tackle the exclusion of Roma people in Albania and Europe. RAA supports empowerment of women and youth.

Mission and Vision

The vision of RAA is to empower Roma people to join the Roma grassroots movement to fight for inclusion and a better position of Roma in society. Moreover, RAA plays a key role in the ERGO network, and is actively involved in the Decade of Roma Inclusion. We are a group of young Roma and Non-Roma students and activist from different cities and communities of Albania which aim to create a space for youngsters to become active in society through empowerment, mobilization and self-organization.


Since 2009 Roma Active Albania has engaged in the networking process of ternYpe – International Roma Youth Network with 8 other Roma youth organizations from around Europe to develop a common approach on empowerment and mobilization of young Roma.

We are part of Ergo Network which is a network of European Grassroots Organizations  that advocate for better policies and policy implementation on national and European level based on evidence-based research, organize public campaign, build the capacity of Roma activists and provide spaces for networking and mutual learning.

We are part of Phiren Amenca International Network which is a network of Roma and non-Roma volunteers and voluntary service organizations creating opportunities for non-formal education, dialogue and engagement, in order to challenge stereotypes and racism.

We coordinate two networks. We coordinate the National Coalition in Albania and also the Regional Coalition from Western Balkan countries and Turkey.